"Winter Frost" Artwork

(Blackhart) #1

A one day project, recreating a photo inspiration from Pixabay. Modelled and Rendered in Blender3D, textures in Substance Painter (the wood of the branches was made with Bitmap2Material and a photo I took outside), with an HDR environment used for global illumination and as a background. Post-effects done in Photoshop. Full breakdown on ArtStation here.

Blender Cycles Render:

Sketchfab Approximation:

(Nihal Rahman Nahin) #2

Very Nice Work , Try Doing Some Color Grading In The Post Process Tab Using The Color Balance ( Color Grading ) And Tone Mapping Tab To Give Your Scene A Final Dramatic Look

And also Turn Of Chromatic Abberation , Which is Overused And Bad , unless Its The Style You Are Looking For