[WIP] A king to rule them all


(Hasar Dzzz) #1


Don't expect too much from me. Let's say I drew 2 months or so in my entire life :stuck_out_tongue: . Getting interviews / looking for a job is so damn frustrating / time-consuming I want to enjoy myself a bit with this contest. In fact, I'm so astonished by your works I was wondering if I should post anything hahaha. o:

Well, here we go with my explanations (I'm still figuring out how to post, etc.).

Some screenshots of my early wanderings:

At first I wanted to do some basic manichean stuff where 2 kingdoms sent their respective heroes. One of the castles was supposed to be like this (it's a card from Scrolls):

Here's what I got:

I think Marching Cube in the render options is kind of nice here.

Then I tried some heroes and facepalmed a lot:

Yeah it's a fishing-rod-o-lantern...The goat mask was not 'that' bad though.

Then, I'll put my ex / current big setting:


So that's what I'm working on now.
A career-ish inside-the-walls-village ruled by a sitting king.
I already got the foe but I'll keep it warm for now :3

I HOPE you'll find something interesting in here.

- I'm trying to get everything inside the 126^3 limit because I already have to learn how to use the lighting to get something cool!
- That 126^3 limit also means that the village will be really minimalist~

(Elbriga) #2

Very lovely start! Welcome to the contest :smile: good luck with the job hunt btw :smile:

(Hasar Dzzz) #3

Ahahah thanks! :smile:
I hope I'll be able to do something cool with your tutorials this week

(Bart) #4

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

I have just given you one month of Sketchfab PRO - you can use it to add up to 20 annotations to your model.

Some more useful information to get you started:

  • Read the contest updates - they will contain updates on contest progress, weekly tutorials and more.. I recommend you 'track' that topic so you'll receive notifications (instructions are in the post).
  • Frequently Asked Questions are in the (you guessed it) FAQ topic.

(Hasar Dzzz) #5

I did 'some' changes :wink:
Dunno how I should put it so I'll probably edit my posts.
I'll keep my previous WIP for later because I really need to polish it (since I wanted it to be a b@d@ss scene).

I know there are still some problems in my last diorama but I'm glad I could upload something.
Here is the link: Here is the link: https://skfb.ly/L9EF

[DONE(?)] My kingdom for an alpaca
by HasarD
on Sketchfab