[WIP] A Toucan, Mouse and Old Man on a boat

Hi everyone! Just recently started a new project. I wanted to try to make this James C. Christiansen painting in 3D:

I’m hoping to practice a bit of everything with this one: sculpting multiple different characters, getting more familiar with ZBrush, stylized PBR, translating a still image to 3D, etc…

Here’s a screengrab of where I am at so far, finished with general blocking and ready to start bringing each of these in to ZBrush:

I’m excited to see where this project goes!

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Been a little while - still making slow progress on this while under quarantine.

I’ve started to sculpt the bird stand, boat, toucan and mouse in ZBrush, got their general shapes blocked out:

(Still got to do the mouse feet at some point)

We’re expecting a little one very soon, so the progress on this will likely be much slower for the time being, but I will update this as I can!

Any feedback so far?

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