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[WIP] Age of Sail ships for our game in developement


(Flannery) #1

Greetings, and Ahoy!

Would like to showcase my ships as I create them.
They are all going to be part of our MMO Naval Battle Game "Tides of War: Letters of Marque"
I am working in Blender.

The textures are placeholders used while I model - they will have full PBR textures in the game.

Hope you enjoy them, and feel free to comment and leave constructive advice :smile:

In advance - Thanks!


Swan Class Sloop by flannery on Sketchfab

Snow Warship by flannery on Sketchfab

Hackman Ketch by flannery on Sketchfab

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #2

Very nice, clean mesh I like it.