[WIP] An electric sheep on a roof

(Antoine Bassin) #1

Hi everybody!

After a break, I resume a project on Do electric sheep dream of androids?, a book by Philip K. Dick.
I'll try to depict the post-apocalyptic mood of the book rather than the cyberpunk one of the movie.

It's also an exercice to master PBR textures and realistic assets, so feel free to comment about my workflow or my results :slight_smile: I plan to work with Maya, Substante painter and ZBrush.

The scene takes place during the first chapter, when the protagonist, Rick Deckard, go up on his roof to see his robotic sheep.

Here is a simple blockout:

(Antoine Bassin) #2

I started with a steel closet inside the veranda.
I get the blockout shape to build the lowpoly mesh. Then I duplicated it and add some bevels.
I returned to the lowpoly mesh to remove unnecessary faces (invisibles from any perspective).
Finally, I unwrapped uv and bake normals.

Due to small details, I use 2 texture maps of 2048px (1 for the closet and 1 for drawers and doors). There are no faces with common uvs 'cause I want to add unique details for each part later. Nevertheless, I have the feeling that it's too much for a single asset. What do you think about it (regarding this as a game asset)?

(Bart) #3

I love that book - I'll enjoy seeing you put this scene together!

(Antoine Bassin) #4

First texturing attempt.
The scene takes place after a nuclear war, so I want a very damaged environment (but not too much 'cause somes humans still live there).

Here is my mood board.

Let me know what you think!


I love this book and the movie-- I can't wait to see how this plays out. Glad that you're really pushing yourself in terms of new projects.

(Johnson Martin) #6

Interesting scene.

Your first texturing pass on the lockers looks good. The only thing I'd say is it needs more large scale details. maybe add some large rust spots or paint chippings?

(Tinyruin) #7

Looks great!
The shinyness of the green part feels a bit off. If the green parts are paint then it would have another specularity to it, I think - this is more like bare green metal (I'm guessing Substance Painters copper material?). I would aim for sth like on the top right or very left of your moodboard in terms of specularity maybe.

(Chaitanyak) #8

nice cabinets :slight_smile:

(Disruptivenine) #9

I love that book.

And this is a really neat rendition of a scene that's vital in the book but not in the movie at all.

(Antoine Bassin) #10

Ok, I reworked my closet today and it's definitelly better!
Thanks @Regus_M and @tinyruin for your advices.

It's not perfect but I still have a lot of assets to do and I'm enough happy with the result.
Here are the Subtance Painter render and the Sketchfab embed.

(Antoine Bassin) #11

2nd asset with damaged wood!

I did both lowpoly and highpoly meshes in Maya, unwrapped uvs and baked normals before going into Substance Painter.
Circles' edges aren't homogeneous because I wanted to cut uvs between each planks.

(Antoine Bassin) #12

4 assets today! I struggled with the oxidized copper and I'm still wondering if I had to tweak height values and colors...

(Paulchambers3d) #13

Looking good. Some really nice texturing work!

(Antoine Bassin) #14

This time, I included ZBrush in my process to add big holes in the wood.
I just returned the tabletop to create a second asset, this way I have variations with one texture!

(Antoine Bassin) #15

As I'm constantly wondering about my workflow, please give me your opinion about that:
if you would have to deal with a entire scene, filled with many assets (like me), how would you go about it?
1) By creating assets one by one and put them together at the end;
2) By creating a rough scene, modelling lowpoly and highpoly versions for each mesh before texturing them;
3) By creating a rough scene, then modelling and texturing assets one by one;
4) other ways...

(Antoine Bassin) #16

3 new assets!
What do you think about the topology/polycount (regarding them as game assets)?
I'm not happy with the water, any advice?
I think I'll have to homogenize the dirt level while I put assets together.

(Tinyruin) #17

I think polycount should be fine. However, you might want to put that screws and nametag holders into the normalmap, instead of modeling them. And maybe the handles of the bucket have a few more faces than necessary.

(Antoine Bassin) #18

Thanks, I didn't specify polycounts:
1973 tris for the watering can, 2440 tris for the bucket and 2348 tris for the small cabinet.
I'll try to bake them into the normal map soon.

(Antoine Bassin) #19

Ok, I redesigned the scene and I'll post alterations soon.
In the meantime, here is a big asset that wasn't in the first blockout scene.

Despite 2k texture maps, I'm not happy with the resolution.
In a game production, 4k map isn't too expensive for a single asset ?

Otherwise, there are 17764 tris because of tiles. I tried differents bake methode but I think the geometry needs to be model. What do you think about it? Am I permitted to produce heavy assets like it?

(Antoine Bassin) #20

Big update this time!

The building was too simple and I wanted something which tell a story. As the book takes place in San Francisco, I decided to walk its streets to get some inspirations (inside Google Street View of course).

At the beginning, a wanted a very lowpoly scene in a cartoon style. But, in order to learn PBR workflow, I rework all the proportions to be as realistic as possible. So, I took advantage of the occasion to rearrange assets and better put the focus on the character-sheep relation.

I make a quick sculpt of the sheep.

The character asset comes from Mixamo. I temporarily add it but I have no idea about his design yet. I think it'll be the last asset 'cause I intend to take some time to learn Marvelous Designer.

As always, feedbacks will be appreciated :slight_smile: