[WIP] An electric sheep on a roof


Wow, really coming along. Any way to give any indication that the sheep is a replicant, even for those that don't know the source material?

(Antoine Bassin) #22

@seori Yes, I think I'll put clue about its real nature on its belly (like a small metalic hatch). We'll have to be very close to notice it. I don't know how I'll manage it yet.

(Antoine Bassin) #23

Hay bale done!

It was a difficult asset because I never done objects composed of hundred little things. I really want to depict this complex volume and I think I found a satisfactory solution!

At the same time, I learned UE4 (I dislike the way Unity managed material) to be sure of the realtime result. So instead of sharing Substance Painter renders, I will post UE4 screenshots :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is my process:
1/ I took photo of hay (I wanted higher quality as possible 'cause I didn't know what I could do).
Then, I quickly isolated them with Photoshop.

2/ I combined them to make 3 main blocks of hay and some simple piece to populate the floor around.
To give relief, I generated a normal map from the diffuse map (with the xNormal plugin), and a specular map to highlight some stalk. I only worked in Photoshop.

3/ Firstly, I made a basemesh with some polygons above its surface but it was too bad :disappointed:

So, I decided to only use floating polygon. I get a free plugin for Maya called "spPaint3d" which allows me to quickly place polygon objects onto a chosen mesh. I tested some density/scale/position/orientation configurations, exported them to UE4, tweaked materials and .... tadaaa !

I don't add a wireframe screenshot because it's beyond understanding :relieved:
However, it's not a heavier solution (1434 tris / 1788 verts per bale) and I have fine details with 1024px texture maps.


Wow, I never thought I'd be this fascinated by hay! Amazing work and technique!

(Antoine Bassin) #25

It's a long time since the last post. I constantly try different ways of doing things and I gradually understand how UE4 works, how to optimize assets, how to manage textures... These screenshots show that my scene is a real (without making a pun) building site! Some textures aren't done, haven't normal map or a good density, some assets are missing...

Anyway, Here is a quick post to provide a global overview of my progress, whith different cameras showing a first mood/lighting intent.

Currently, I search how to create fine smog. As tried several placements, orientations, shapes of meshes with a translucent texture, but I'm dissatisfied with the result. I would avoid using particles but maybe it's the solution. If anyone could help me on this point... :slight_smile:

Any feedback is welcome!


Looking good! I unfortunately can't give any technical pointers on the smog but would love to see more of a desert lighting for this scene, i.e intense heat, searing focal point of the sun. It's how I pictured the book, with a lot of life having been wiped out already.

(Romainrevert) #27

For the fog, did you try multiple spheres with blurry clouds texture as alpha ? Can you post your test ? What kind of fog do you want ?

(Antoine Bassin) #28

@seory Yes, you're right! The global look and feel is definitly too dark and the sky doesn't match the light setup.
@romainrevert I didn't try you're suggestion. I'll do it. What I dislike with alpha textures is their intersections with non-alpha mesh, making very straight and unrealistic lines. I'll post soon my test. I'm sorry but I don't have much time these days (e.g. my late response)