WIP Ancient Temple

(Multilisaveta) #1


Thanks for the aspirational contest, such a good reason to fantasize and make something interesting.

(Multilisaveta) #2

I would like to make a space inspired by the ancient architecture, hedonistic lifestyle and Oracle mysteries.

(Multilisaveta) #3

I have the question: 1.6 high is a limit? Can I make walls taller? A couple of floors connected by stairs?

(Daedal Js) #4

pretty sure that was reference for avatar eye height/camera height.
you can use it as a reference to get things feeling the proper size based on that.
if you use blender it’s the default walk mode camera height.

so like if you wanted to make something that feels like you’re mouse sized you’d have to model the stuff around much larger than actual size because the camera height and avatars are always going to be around 1.6 meters tall and the view people using mozilla hubs are going to be seeing things from is 1.6 meters off the ground.

if you want people to feel like giants you’d have to model things a good bit smaller than actual size as well.

(Multilisaveta) #5

Oh, thank you, I guess you are right. And what do you think about using stairs and navigation between floors? Avators can’t jump. But is it possible to rise higher by low-angle slope?

(Daedal Js) #6

low angle slopes will work maybe stairs with smaller heights per step too but 'm not sure about that.
if you got to hubs.mozilla.com you can select a room called "rooftop bunker"
it’s got stairs on it but i think they’re actually covered over with an invisible plane.
if you right click to bring up the teleport target it glides smoothly up and down the stairs while you’re aiming rather than jumping step by step up them which seems to indicate an invisible plane.