(WIP) Ant Model Pheidole

(Ndrakey) #1

(Bart) #2


I noticed this is a photogrammetry model. Is the original an actual ant?! How did you get such an accurate result?

Also, as this is a WIP, what are your plans for the next steps?

(Ndrakey) #3

Hi bart, I tagged it as a photogrammetry model because the Original one that my model is based on is a micro ct scan. This model was not processed like a "real" photogrammetry file. Its actually a sculpt. The original CT scan was done by a Japanese university which shared a high res youtube video. I just tried to replicate it. This Model is just one of a series of scans they did.

(Johnson Martin) #4

Woah, that's a pretty cool model, it's rare to see something so small up close. Are you planning on texturing it?

(Ndrakey) #5

Hi Regus! I wish I could! I have no experience with texturing. Seems pretty hard to do a good uvlayout on highpoly models. Tried it once but failed. Havent found any good app for texturing yet.

(Johnson Martin) #6

Ah, yes, I'm not good at texturing myself. :stuck_out_tongue: If you re-topologized it, UV's should be pretty simple to set up. If you aren't familiar with re-topo, I actually wrote an article that could be useful here: