[WIP] Arabian Medieval City

(Mrrik) #1

Hi all,
Bit late to the party but I'm planning on making an arabian style city. No concrete concept or anything yet but this will be presented soon! :smiley:

(Mrrik) #2

Before I start making assets I want a clear goal on what I want to make. I found this concept art on google which really inspired me.

I'm going to make modular parts where I can make a complete city with. In the image below I cut up all the pieces in what for now I'm going to model. The parts that are colored are going to be modelled. By making just small parts I can later use this as a toolkit to make a complete city!

Below I made an asset list:

  • Outer Wall
  • Outer Wall With Hole
  • Outer Wall Tower
  • Outer Wall Door
  • Tower 1, 2
  • Building (Might make a seprate set for these so I can quickly make different variations)
  • Building decoration
  • Building with Arc
  • Pier
  • Palm Tree 1,2,3
  • Palm Tree in Pot
  • Castle Tower
  • Castle Outer Wall
  • Castle Middle Wall
  • Castle Middle Door
  • Castle Inner Wall
  • Castle Inner Wall with decoration
  • Castle Major Tower
  • Castle Cylinder Hat
  • Wall with Arc
  • Landscape
  • Island
  • Water
  • Market Stall 1, 2

This is just my first draft for the asset list so this will be updated later on.

(Bart) #3

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile: