[WIP] Bad Men, Good Deeds

(Quin) #1

Setting this down as a first step for my scene. Going to be trying to have a scene of your run of the mill villains trying to assist in removing an even larger evil. Sort of like the Black Company novels. Still experimenting with how I want the people to look, torn between the Final Fantasy look, and something a bit more stylized, risk of rain style.

We'll see, will upload as I get some test models done.

(Bart) #2

Hi @quin!

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

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(Quin) #3

Here's hoping my embed works this time...

SD Knight by QuinIpsum on Sketchfab

Here's my first possible character design...

Evil Knight Strange by QuinIpsum on Sketchfab

My second. I'm more partial to the second one because it's so darn strange looking, but I'm going to ponder it a bit while I design the other objects going into the scene.

(Quin) #4

And now the badguy fliers and their steeds! The style's really coming together for me.

Blocky Air Rider by QuinIpsum on Sketchfab

Blocky Scrimbat by QuinIpsum on Sketchfab

(Quin) #5

And another addition, the Bad Men! Here's the "good guys", you can read a bit more of my thoughts on them in the actual description of the model. Really hitting a groove.

Bad Man by QuinIpsum on Sketchfab

Next is going to be a couple more character designs, then buildings. Really, really thinking it's going to be too complex, but what the hey, I can trim it.

Current workflow plan-
Dark Lord, Evil Mage, Unique Hero, Focal Piece Building, Side Buildings, Effects, Textures/materials, Lighting.

(Elbriga) #6

those characters look totaly crazy haha, I love it :smile: