[WIP] Belgium 1910 Swingout revolver [test v1.0, critique pls]

(Twitte King) #1

Hey guys!! i have been working on this for a while, will use it as a Game Environment artist portfolio!

High and low poly Modeled in blender, baked and textured in substance painter.

The target is so this gun can fit in games like “the order 1886”, “Assassin’s Creed” and “Far Cry” etc.

Please point out any thing you think is sub par! I really wanna improve the quality to get a job in the game industry!! Thank you!

if you play the animation you can see an exploded view for closer examination too!!

Belgium 1910 Swingout [test v1.0, critique pls] by twitte_king on Sketchfab

(Twitte King) #2


took a screenshot of the sketchfab render then added some draw over in photoshop

(Dark Minaz) #3

Since you asked for in depth Feedback i will be a bit more picky, none of those are huge issues, i think the model looks really nice, but could be better.

  1. there is a odd hick there, just looks weird.


  1. topology looks a bit odd there, also try to not have open areas like the cut on the left, there might be a situation where the light reflects through the gun in a weird way because of that

3, more geo that some is turned into tris, some into quads, id avoid any weird quads and rater turn them into tris
4. same issue here, some lines just seem to end , some are connected fine.
5. the uv seems like it got a bit of a lot of free space
6. also related to this if you have a look at some of the overwatch models, they often “cheat” by using cards for the symbols, giving that slightly more uv space so it looks better.

if you look at genji for example

Your idea looks fun although really impractical to turn on the gas, the blade would probably break if you try to hit someone as the holders don’t seem to stable and if someone uses a knife to block it they could hit the gas tank and that would destroy someones hand rater quickly (aside from the fact that gas right next to a chamber that sparks gunpowder might not be the best idea) :slight_smile:

and 7.
unless you need to specifically take it apart you probably can avoid parts you won’t see and make it with a few polys saved and some more texture space.
don’t get me wrong i personally love details like this, but in a game specifically you will have to focus on what the gun can do and what it can’t and try to make it as pretty as possible with as little as you can. So ignoring certain insides can often lead to that effect :slight_smile:

(Twitte King) #4

thank you very very much!
thanks for taking the time and effort, the screen shots are really clear!

Your comments are so valuable! i would keep re-reading and improve the model!

a small question about point 2 about open area? i don’t understand fully. would you please elaborate a bit?

(Dark Minaz) #5

Sure, ehm imagine you have a light if your area is open the light can go trough (and can potentially give odd lightning / shadow effects)

if it’s closed with a darker ao (still giving that feeling that it’s somewhat open) nothing can go trough.

(Twitte King) #6

i see what you mean!! thank you very much!!:+1:

(Twitte King) #7

here to check back in.
i fixed some issues mentioned by @dark_minaz , also rigged it for animations.