WIP: Big Ben Clocktower


(Anthony Murphy) #1

Hey all,

This is my latest project i'm doing for a VR game. Ill post some pics of from inside maya. Pretty much done with all the modelling now just going to create my low poly and do my texturing and baking in substance. :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy :smiley:

EDIT: Uploaded the model so far https://sketchfab.com/models/bc8fef88ab184d4198cd07f8fca30bd9

High Poly



I plan on baking most of these details on the clock onto my normal map.

(Anthony Murphy) #2

Any feedback would be great :slight_smile:


(Anthony Murphy) #3

The top



This looks really great so far, don't know what else to add. Are you also building Westminster Abbey next to it as well?

(Anthony Murphy) #5

Thanks :slight_smile: and that is something i'd love to do but just big ben for now :stuck_out_tongue: , maybe sometime in the future.


Haha it would be quite an undertaking, this is already amazing enough! Can't wait for the texturing! Will the clockface be translucent like glass or will it be solid?

(Anthony Murphy) #7

Just a white solid glass for clock face i'm thinking, here's the ref image I used

The tricky part is since all the details on the clock face are going to be baked onto my normal map of the clock face, texturing them will be tricky. Going to see how well I can do it in photoshop or do it by hand in substance :dizzy_face:

P.S - Thanks for pointing this out, just realised I completely forgot to do the hands of the clock :joy:

(Anthony Murphy) #8

Nearlly there, unclean bakes some places will fix this up in photoshop afterwards.

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #9

The concrete bump are TOO BIG you have to keep the scale. Now the whole model looks weird like rubber toy or worst.