[WIP] Blacksmith's workshop


(Kyan0s) #1

Hello Folks !

Interesting contest ! I want to participate and I'll make a blacksmith's workshop. ^^)

(Kyan0s) #2

I've made the first part of the Blacksmith's workshop, the house part, so here the first W.I.P. :

The model has 1,999 polygons.

(Bart) #3

\o/ It's great to have you on board! I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum.

(Kyan0s) #4

Thanks @bartv, I'll check that ! :slight_smile:

Update :

House : 1,999 tris,
Anvil : 168 tris,
Hammer : 210 tris,
Barrel of water : 204 tris,
Golden Metal bar : 12 tris,
Silvered Metal bar : 12 tris,
log : 76 tris,
golden sword : 118 tris,
silvered sword : 118 tris,
Table : 128 tris.

(Kyan0s) #5


(Kyan0s) #6

The hearth of the forge :

(Kyan0s) #7

I've work the two first creature of my assets, the blacksmith's dog and a crow :

(Kyan0s) #8

The blacksmith :

(Kyan0s) #9

I've made a quick test with the textures. I hope I'm close to the desired style.

Update :

(Kyan0s) #10

The blacksmith's horse :

The forge bellows :

The well :

The latrines :

(Kyan0s) #11

A training dummy :

A weapon rack :

(Kyan0s) #12

A cart :

Anda begnning of vegetation with a tree :

(Kyan0s) #13

Other vegetation and stones :

The blacksmith's wife :

(Kyan0s) #14

I've started to make some textures (house, cart, table, weapon rack, barrel, table, anvil) :

(Feyfolken Km) #15

Nice work!

Btw, can i ask a question? Are you baking AO for your models? If yes, how - baking for each model or whole scene?

(Kyan0s) #16

Thanks ! ^^)

As each object will be potentially used independently from the others and not positioned as in my scene, I bake the AO for each model and not for the whole scene.

(Feyfolken Km) #17

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Kyan0s) #18

I've continued to make the textures :

(Kyan0s) #19

(Kyan0s) #20