[WIP] Bleuet the little weird quadruped creature


(Kyan0s) #1

Hello folks !

I begin a new work in progress thread on a little project of a cartoon creature which this is the sketches that I've just finished :

I want to do something like some of my old works like my jackalope or my logo for the style.

Jackalope by Kyan0s on Sketchfab

Cat by Kyan0s on Sketchfab

This creature will be probably animated.

Don't hesitate to criticize my work ^^).

(Nomadking) #2

How could anyone say anything mean to such a cute Dino-beastie-thing-osaur? :wink:

It's a nice concept, look forward to seeing where it go's.

(Kyan0s) #3

lol thanks @nomadking :smile:

I've begun to model the creature :

(Dark Minaz) #4

i'd eat it - Mr T-Rex
Feet look a bit weird,probably the fact that the toes are so high, if you look at rhinos/elefants the all have more flat feet.
Or more from that time era Diplodocus, he got similar feet yet still a bit more flat.

heat looks cool though :smiley: got this "what the fuck is going on" look :smiley:

(Nomadking) #5

I was going to say it looks great... but after reading @dark_minaz post, I can't stop staring at the feet! The toes may be a little high, but I think the real issue is they're all the same size - smaller toes on the outside might help here.

Apart from that... SUPER clean model and topology work. Great stuff! :wink:

(Kyan0s) #6

Okay, thank you guys for your feedbacks.

Yep his toes are probably too high. I'll rework his feets ^^), and inspire me of the elephant's feets. I'll re-post it immediately made to have your opinion :smile:

(Kyan0s) #7

Voilà ! I've reworked his feets. I've done toes smaller and more like the elephants' toes.

Before and after :

Let me know if it's less weird ^^) and don't hesitate to tell me if it's not better :smile:

(Dark Minaz) #8

way better :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nomadking) #9

Yeah, those new toes are spot on :sunglasses:

(Hong Zhihao) #10

Heya, cute design.

If it's possible, you can try sloping the back downwards... something like this

I was referencing


I think it will add to the overall rhythm of your creature

Hope it's helpful :smile:

(Kyan0s) #11

I've already rigged my creature but It was a good idea @HongZhihao so I've done a test to sloping the back downwards like you suggested it by modifying the scales of the bones.

Here the initial version with the rigging :

And here with the modifications of the back legs :

I can't decide myself so what do you think guys :smile: ? which one is the best ?

(Kyan0s) #12

By waiting, here the textured version of Bleuet the little weird quadruped creature ^^).

(Hong Zhihao) #13

Oh i didn't know you already rigged it..

Well now that I've seen it posed. I think either version could work. The first one feels like a camel or alpaca, which could work too depending on the creature's characteristics.

(Kyan0s) #14

I will think about it before work on the animation, I think it will depend of what I want him to do as movement but I havn't thought yet, but I really like the idea of the back down ^^).

(Nomadking) #15

I prefer the non-sloped one, but if you opt for a slope perhaps something halfway between the 2 you have now. To me, the current sloped one come across quite 'weak' - the back legs don't feel like they're strong and that carries through to the main body as well.

The rigging and texturing are great, I love the simple style of it. What's your texturing workflow? :smile:

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #16

I'm the technical one, so the slope one :+1: . The long neck determine the spine, so no-slope looks very bad like you already broke his neck :wink:.
Overall looks cute, very good work, I admire all artists and this freedom in inventing crazy things like this little monster.

(Hong Zhihao) #17

Either way I think it's going to turn out to be one cute little critter :smile:

(Kyan0s) #18

Sorry for the late answer :s.

First, thank you guys for your opinions ^^). Well, I think @KrzysztofZwolinski was right, I agree with the fact the neck determine the spine, so I'll choose the slope one.

So do you think that the back legs are too skinny for the slope one @nomadking ? Should I thicken the shin of the creature to make them look more strong ?

Else the workflow of the texturing is simple.
I've worked with symmetry, I've imported the UV Map in Inkscape in order to draw the pattern of the creature's back :

Then I've generate the AO map that I've combine with the pattern and the colors that simply paint with Gimp. The AO Map is in multiply mode on the colors.

(Nomadking) #19

If anything I think it was more about the part above the shin (between the 2 leg joins) that seemed a little weak, but it might just be a trick of the eye from the particular shot you posted (you lose the dark AO crease which gives definition to the upper leg muscle). I think when combined with the texture you made the sloped one will look fine :wink:

(Kyan0s) #20

I think that is because of the shot, but I've uploaded a version on Sketchfab for you have a better view of the creature. ^^)

Bleuet [work in progress] by Kyan0s on Sketchfab