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[WIP] Cannon Tower Hand Painted


(Un Verre De Lait) #1

Hello everyone my attemp to create a scene.I am improving my skills :smiley: . It would be good for me to hear what's missing.Feel free to comment please :slight_smile:

(Antoine Bassin) #2

Hi, it depends what style you want to achieve.

In any case, it seems you set metalness on grass,stone, wood and tile which are dielectric material, so they look weirds.
Secondly, the normal map of the wood floor (in the middle of the tower) is inverted.
Regarding the proportions, I think the arrows are too thin, almost invisible when we can see the whole mesh.
Then, I guess the black balls on the grass are cannonballs but it's not obvious (the big one recessed into the tower, even less).
Finally, candle and book locations aren't plausible (open the shutters and they fall).

Hoping it will help you!