WIP! Character Head anatomy study [Stage 1 for Character Art Design?]

(Imlon) #1

I decided to push/challenge myself more and end up making character heads as my stepping stone.

First Try yesterday:

The first character concept came up to my head was something like a fish or a merman, then for some weird reason I didn't like them. Plus I don't have proper knowledge of human & fish anatomy to start with.

Then today I end up making an Orc, because I think most artist started with them coz Orcs have almost same bone and muscle structure.

Second Try this Morning:

They kinda look like an orc for me now, but my brain is still craving for more.

After few hours break, I end up with this:

I end up giving him some background story, like, this Orc was fcking lucky that he survived lots of war that's why he have those wounds and he became insane and started to love killing.

The reason I end up sharing this here, because I know this is the right place to get some hard and knocking opinion that can help me improve my artwork far more better than this.

Will improve this Orc tommorow again and hopefully texture and upload the low poly version here in sketchfab :smiley:


Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2

Software used:

Base Head mesh used:
Zbrush premade head, you can see my process here too: Human to Orc process

(Chaitanyak) #2

fascinating.. thanks for sharing!
have not done much facial sculpting myself.. so definitely find this inspiring!

(Imlon) #3

Done!, textured and uploaded :smiley:

(Nomadking) #4

Really great sculpt :slight_smile: