[WIP] City - Voxel Contest



City WIP, no monster yet.
I don't want to do a dragon, everyone has a dragon really, maybe a golem would fit :smile:


V2 of the city, 3 Golems and a marektplace added.

I try to make it less similar to the picture posted below @Sir_carma :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rickprokosch) #2

I really like this one! Yes, I did a dragon right off the bat... I need to do something different now as well, haha.

(Sir Carma) #3

Mmm, I really love it when my work inspires people, but this looks a bit similar to one of my scenes. :confused:

Scene I did last june :

Try to add your own building structures, nature assets, work a bit with new colors!

Good luck on the contest anyways :wink:

(Bart) #4

HI @homomilk!

Thanks for joining the Heroic Voxels contest and welcome on board :smile:

I have just given you one month of Sketchfab PRO - you can use it to add up to 20 annotations to your model.

Some more useful information to get you started:

  • Read the contest updates - they will contain updates on contest progress, weekly tutorials and more.. I recommend you 'track' that topic so you'll receive notifications (instructions are in the post).
  • Frequently Asked Questions are in the (you guessed it) FAQ topic.

(Rickprokosch) #5

Sweet! That's so good. Your attention to detail is what really stands out. How long does something like this take you to do? Sounds like you did it in one sitting?


Can't finish my work sadly :C

I'm at the end of my final year in school, and finals are coming up.

Don't want to fuck this exam up, so I'm going full tryhard on learning, sorry

(Bart) #7

Sorry to hear that but I understand :smile: Good luck with the exams, and do check in every now and then to see how the others are doing?

(Rickprokosch) #8

@homomilk you made the right call, there will be more contests and school is much more important right now. Good luck on the exams!