[WIP] Clubhouse Gaming Room - Mozilla Hubs Clubhouse Challenge

(Stefan Lengyel) #1

Hey folks,

my idea is to build my dream gaming clubhouse for friend’s.

Arcade machine, nintendo, bean bags, drink’s, girls etc. :grinning:

but the time is tooo short…

(Stefan Lengyel) #2

Huh i need to figure out fast texturing workflow. I’m so slow!

(Stefan Lengyel) #3

Can i use brand’s names? Like NINTENDO?

(Stefan Lengyel) #4

Audio system to be able have fun in our clubhouse. :speaker::speaker::speaker::speaker:

(Multilisaveta) #5

I guess you can use the logo design but change a couple of letters to make it NANTENDO :grinning: It will be understandable anyway

(Stefan Lengyel) #6

(Stefan Lengyel) #7

(Stefan Lengyel) #8

Arcade… for now MINECRAFT theme for testing. Dunno if i can use it.

(Stefan Lengyel) #9

(Stefan Lengyel) #10

We need definitely drink some beer. :beer:

Labels are just placeholders ripped off the net.

(Stefan Lengyel) #11

(Stefan Lengyel) #12

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