WIP Cowgirl (almost done)

(Stridentstar) #1

Hi there! ^.^'

Testing some stuff and trying to polish! The maps making me go crazy! x.x Trying to fix the seems and low res.

(Elbriga) #2

Looks cool, you should fix the orientation thought, the model is lying down ^^

(Stridentstar) #3

Thank you very much, but my Problems are at first the textures, i will fix the orientation later.

(Stridentstar) #4

Okay, now I noticed an problem I don't know how to fix:
If I'm uploading the model without attaching the parts to one, the boots, gloves/hands, the hat and eyes are mirrored on the Y/X axes.
The point is: Xnormal shows me that the high poly parts are at the same spot as the low poly, same goes for max. So basically all went fine til I upload it on Sketchfab. :confused: I'm slightly confused.
Need help! Please!

Edit: I've already figured out a workaround, but I'm not happeh with it. :unamused:
There has to be a solution, every problem has a solution!