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WIP: Creepy House- Thought I might join in on the fun

(Charlie12) #1

Here's to everyone having a good time!

Creepy House WIP by charliebrown on Sketchfab

(Charlie12) #2

Posting an updated WIP.

Creepy House WIP by charliebrown on Sketchfab

(Bart) #3

Thanks for joining, @charlie12! I've fixed your embeds - just put their URL on an empty line, that's all.

Good luck :smile:

(Charlie12) #4

Thank you very much Bartv.

(Charlie12) #5

Viewer is updated. Still plodding along.

(Bart) #6

Hey Charlie,

maybe you could post some screenshots of your progress? That way we can see the changes too :smile:

(Charlie12) #7

Well, it seems I picked a bad time to update. Went through this morning and added annotations and then it said the site is under maintenance and none of them were saved, arrg. LOL

Anyway, I am following Bart's suggestion and posting some screen shots that show the progress.

It began with the base house model.

Which evolved into this...

Once I had the house the environment was going to be driven by the theme- A not so luxurious hotel/resort. LOL

Then began developing the environment.

(Bart) #8

Yeah sorry about that, we had to add some new disks (Sketchfab is growing fast :wink: Everything is back to normal now!

(Charlie12) #9

No worries Bart. Letting everyone know that the viewer should be updated with the added annotations.

Have a great day all.

(Charlie12) #10

Uploaded the final today. It has been a fun time. I wish everyone good luck and the very best.

(Jason Ivens) #11

Hi Charlie, any chance you can post a link of your finished entry on here? I'd love to check it out :smile:

(Charlie12) #12

Hey Jason, Thanks for the interest! The final update is reflected in the sketchfab viewer in this thread.
Have a great day!


(Jason Ivens) #13

Looks cool, puts mine to shame :smile:

(Charlie12) #14

Thanks for the encouragement Jason. I don't think it puts yours to shame by any means... Yours is much more creepy than mine. Just different styles.

Good luck with the contest!


(Jason Ivens) #15

Thank you, good luck to you to :smile:

(Bart) #16

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile:

(Charlie12) #17

Well done to everyone.