WIP : CrustyCrubs

(Klyucky Snyu Ki) #1

Made room for the contest https://sketchfab.com/models/20ae3c82f5324210845275ec111a1bb4

(Klyucky Snyu Ki) #2

Someones screenshots from scene

(Klyucky Snyu Ki) #3

(Klyucky Snyu Ki) #4

(Plasmaernst) #5

Hey, cool room :+1:

Some suggestions if you have time left to work on this:

  • I think the tiling of the room textures is quite big in relation to the objects.
  • Polycount on some objects could be reduced a lot (consider tris-count mentioned in the challenge description)
  • Edges are all quite straight. If you reduce geometry on some objects you could reinvest this geo to exaggerate some shapes