[WIP] Cubovich (animation update)


(Cube931) #1

So I've decided to make a better avatar for myself. Check this out:

(Fongoose) #2

Sweet Jacket! :smiley:

(Johnson Martin) #3

The jacket looks pretty cool! Nice job on the lighting too.

(Cube931) #4

Just finished some clothings, but I still have a lot to consider.
Next I'm going to rig it, make some animations and tweak textures some more.

(Cube931) #5

That was insanely hard to export this rig and animation. Because I used "Mesh deform" and "Corrective smooth" modifiers on some parts of the mesh, I had to spend a lot of time to make a shape key animation for them.

My problems didn't ended up there. I also used a Rigify addon to rig a model, but later I found out that it's not supported on Sketchfab and I had to transport animation and parent meshes to the new rig.

I actually faced much more problems than that. Right now I thinking about how do I make my model "Mesh deform" free.