[WIP] Cultist - Hand Painted Character


(Ben Hosac) #1

I'm adding the final touches and will be posing it soon.

If you want to see some handpainting in 3dcoat I'm often streaming while I work on this character.

WIP model is uploaded here. I'm updating things often so it'll change a bit.

(Nomadking) #3

This is coming alone nicely. Lots of great details and atmosphere :slight_smile:

(Ben Hosac) #4

Today I made a major uv update. I'm happy to have more real estate in each uv shell and can get some crisp details on my next pass in 3dcoat.
Oh, I also gave him forearms and an unfurled scroll for posing purposes which will of course be festooned in glowing sigils...

(Ben Hosac) #5

Painting more tonight. Hopefully posing at the end.

edit: k creeping towards resolution... have to carry out the woven threads on the back/bottom of robe. Swap out some cards that were drapes for loose/unraveling threads... maybe make a variation of the gem/bezel since it's working so well in tying everything together.

(Ben Hosac) #8


(Ben Hosac) #9

Metal touchups.

Painting weights in Maya...

(Ben Hosac) #11

playing with emissives

(Ben Hosac) #12

(Ben Hosac) #13

I'm toning back the hot 'writing' emissive fx. It's not wasted effort but I want something easier on the eyes. Seals and ribbons on the scroll aren't helping it as a graphical shape...

(Ben Hosac) #14

(Ben Hosac) #15


These are beautiful-- thanks for sharing. Is it finished?

(Ben Hosac) #17

Thanks you the compliment! I'm actually working on fx for this right now. Finished tonight maybe?

(Ben Hosac) #18

Done! First piece of 2017.

(Chaitanyak) #19

woah!! thats so good!