[WIP]Demon with red eyes

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Hi everyone!

I'm starting this new topic about this scary fellow. I have making him in my free time after work. Now I have finished with baking all the textures, also have try to experiment with smart materials in substance painter.
Overall model is fine, but I am not satisfied with the textures. Think I should make it from scratch with hand painting technique. What you guys think?

Orc with red eyes by fatsnail on Sketchfab


Hight Poly

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I really like the skin, I like how it gets deeper or bluer as you go from the head to the toes!

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It's rather good, and I like how you've set up a red light to cast light on his face.

Regarding the skin, I feel that it's a bit too 'clean' for such a brute. He's likely to have been in some fights, and you'd expect some scars, tattoos etc on him? It always helps to think of a characters 'bio' and history - why is he here and what made him the way he is?

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Now I will work with textures.

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Orc with red eyes by fatsnail on Sketchfab

Almoste on finish line :smile:

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Now it's finished