[WIP - Done!] Space Marine Head

(Asadar) #1

Space Marine Head [PBR] by TOURNERY-BACHEL Thibaud on Sketchfab

Almost done already, but fill free to comment if you have any feedbacks or suggestions. :wink:

Final step coming soon : a very simple facial animation (idle), just to give him life. Nothing extraordinary.

The model use a custom F0 map for a finest control of F0 in HD. Result is very subtil, almost invisible from far, but gives a more natural look in close range. :eyes:

Hope you enjoy it.

(Stephomi) #2


Indeed the f0 map is not often used :), did you get similar result as in substance or you noticed differences?

(Asadar) #3

Custom F0 map is often not needed. But for HD result at a close range, it works nicely.

And yes, there is a difference between Substance and Sketchfab, but for the better : In fact, I only enter F0 values in a custom linear map inside Substance Painter, so obviously it doesn't appear in the viewport when working with the Metalness Workflow. But once I put it in Sketchfab, it refines the quality without breaking the initial render. So everything is fine between Substance and Sketchfab.

To be honest, this model was a test for many things, including custom F0 of course, but it is certainly not the most obvious showcase for an F0 map. I think that a model combining cristals, clothes, skin and liquids on a single texture will be a much better example of F0's impact on the final render. I will think about it for my next model. :wink:

(Asadar) #4

Final version is out, with animation (wouhou! :smiley:).


This is my first animated model on Sketchfab, and I must admit it is amazingly simple and strong: Morph targets? No problem! CAT rig? Same thing. A real pleasure.

Hope you enjoy it. :wink: