[WIP] Dracula castle diorama


(Alban) #1

I recently started doing voxel, and I'm very excited with this theme.

After brainstorming for a bit, I came up with the idea of working on the world of Dracula. I'll take some inspiration from the drone 3D captures of Dracula's castle we have:

Dracula's Castle 3D model - from Transylvania by FAE_Drones on Sketchfab

Good luck to all!

(Rickprokosch) #2

I like this idea, it's a neat theme.

(Alban) #3

Early wip:

(Rickprokosch) #4

Looks like your going for a big scene in QB, could be pretty awesome.

(Alban) #5

Just modelled Dracula as part of my entry:

Dracula by alban on Sketchfab

(Alban) #6

So here is where I got so far

(Rickprokosch) #7

I like how a person can get so much across about a character's look with so little in voxels. Nice job.

(Alban) #8

thanks @rickprokosch!

(Alban) #9

My final entry! It's been fun.

Dracula's castle #heroicvoxels by alban on Sketchfab

(Rmorais) #10

Wait, what? Drone 3D Capture? Are we in 2016 already?

I really liked how the vampire turned out! great job =D

(Alban) #11

Oh yes, there are a LOT of drone 3D captures on Sketchfab :smile: https://sketchfab.com/tags/uav


(Rickprokosch) #12

Looks great, I really like the bats, they add a lot to the scene.

(Elbriga) #13

Nice one @alban ;D that dracula looks pretty awesome :smiley: