[WIP]Dragon fighter scene

(Jierenzhang) #1

Start to do the model. This is my first time do this kind of style. Hope everything will work as I planned, step by step:slight_smile:
This is so far I planed and I did this model tonight.

Dragon Fighter_first_draft_MedievalFantasyScene
by Jierenzhang
on Sketchfab

(Jierenzhang) #2

Noticed that there is a challenge on Sketchfab, I guess it’s a good opportunity to practice so I decided to participate and did the first draft of the scene tonight. The dragon is totally a 5-mins work so don’t mind how silly it looks... I will do another vision later.
Dragon Fighter_first_draft

(Bart) #3

Cool start! I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum.

(Jierenzhang) #4

Making the progress today!
It is my first time to do such a model.
Takes me totally 1 hour. Not 100% pleased but totally I guess that's a good start.
I did a simple texture using the substance painter. Since it's an icy dragon I guess blue is the color.
I'm planning to do a snow mountain environment too, hopefully, can be done by next week.

Video of the low poly dragon Making progress<---Click

Sketchfab link: low poly dragon
by Jierenzhang
on Sketchfab

(Jierenzhang) #5

Thanks, Bart :slight_smile: