[WIP] Eastern The House of Wisdom

(Handidp) #1

Hey, can I still join this challenge? Actually, I have started modeling since a few days, but I've been busy. I’m not sure if I can finish it or not, but I'll try it anyway.

I've searched a few references in the middle age of the eastern region and found Ibn Al-Haytham and others scientist. But because there are too many people that interesting to pick, I decided to make The House of Wisdom, an intellectual center, a library, and as symbol of what happen in this region that time and I'll try to make it more fantasy style.

(Handidp) #2

UPDATE, I try to focus on modeling and optimizing as fast as I can. I'll start coloring later after finishing modeling, cause right now those colors really distract me. Hope I can finish it on time.

right now the building is just about 6k-7k tris.

(Bart) #3

Sure you can! But you'll have to hurry up as the deadline is on Wednesday. Good luck!

(Handidp) #4

UPDATE, just made a few of buildings and I'll try adding detail into the building later.

(Handidp) #5

Another UPDATE, want to rush the progress, so in this WIP I try to find a nice composition but still don't get what I want.

this scene took 33k tris.

(Handidp) #6

New composition, I feel good with this one and it's just 21k tris so I could add more detail.