[wip] ElderBlud - blood sucking elf or just a lack of vitamin D?


(Ben Hosac) #1

Update: Fin!

I'm working on another bust, this time he's some blood sucking elf of some sort. I'll imply some clothing/costume that works as a base.
I'm trying something different and using annotations as a to-do list.

Here's what I'm starting with:

Elder Blud - pbr character bust
(Ben Hosac) #2

I checked a bunch off the to-do list, probably in an effort to avoid the clothing stuff. I've never really played with skin texture normals in substance so that was fun. I'm not sure if it's over the top. Anyway, clothing up next.

(Ben Hosac) #3


And then:

(Ben Hosac) #4

I'm figuring out the skin color. I'm leaning towards the middle one and I'll add some gross capillaries or something.

I think the eyebrows are also going to get some alpha treatment on their cards so it's not such a hard transition.

(Ben Hosac) #5

clothes test + updated sketchfab model

(Ben Hosac) #6

Button/fastener love

Another overall Substance Painter pass, specifically on fasteners, jacket and especially the silk. I used the baked lighting filter and took that diffuse into 3d-Coat for detailing. The liver spots were especially fun. I also ditched the alpha brow wisps as it didn't add that much...

(Ben Hosac) #7

Oh yea, "Done"
It was fun to supe this up some. I'd like to keep doing that to worthy sketches.