[WIP] Fallout 3 weapon: Ripper remake

(Electrocactus) #1

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another WIP topic. This time, I will take one of my favorite melee weapon from Fallout 3 and remake it, with new school techniques and graphics. I chose the good old: Ripper. Basically, the idea is, remake the weapon and add some extra detail to it, after-all, the game is 7 years old.

First things first, I collected Fallout 4 reference pictures from google. Here they are:

As I mentioned several times, I am really busy the time, so this probably will take some time to finish. Anyhow, stay tuned and check out my progress. I will post some 3d pictures, as soon as I start.

(Chaitanyak) #2

I love weapons tutorials, will keep an eye on this :smile:

(Electrocactus) #3

hehe, I will try to post something, every week. I am far from professional, so comments and questions are always welcome! Stay tuned!

(Electrocactus) #5

While driving to work, I was thinking about weapon main power source. If it's a chainsaw type weapon, than it probably works on fuel, not electricity. Therefor, I will integrate some kind of gas canister to the weapon. Nothing too big tho, because it's one handed weapon after all...

Also, I did some basic modelling. I wanted to do something different this time. I decided, that my first steps will be basic modeling/shapes. So, I modeled all parts really quick and scaled them in right proportions. This way I can see the whole weapon, how will it look and what can I add, to make it more interesting. I added gas tank and few small things. Keep in mind, that this is super raw stuff, it will get polished part by part.

I made the middle engine/body part a bit bulky, so it makes sense. Took some chainsaws for reference, as it's closer to that kind of tool, not sword...

(Chaitanyak) #6

nice, the gas tank is a good logical addition.

might i suggest looking at an osteostome (original hand held chainsaw.. meant for surgery) for material treatment ideas.. as well as the way the sprocket can be seen..

also i find the trigger in the fallout 4 ripper..very very interesting!

(Electrocactus) #7

Yeah, visible sprockets is a really good idea, I will definitely do that. Thanks!

About Fallout 4 ripper, it's awesome, however, I really like the old school one. I will try to remake Fallout 3 ripper, so it's as good as Fallout 4 one, quality vise. :smile:

I did some quick modeling. Took me around 1h, to add all the detailes, that I wanted. Keep in mind, that it's super raw stuff, I did not even try to model bolts, pipes and so on. Still trying to get the shape and composition right. For now, the left side of the weapon feels a bit heavy...

(Electrocactus) #8

Bump! Another update.

In picture, that I posted before, I blocked out all the details that I want on my weapon. Now I started to re-shape/re-model them and get it closer to the finish thing. System that I used is simple: Take one part, duplicate it, move a side and start remodeling new on, on the existing. This way,I know that the part will fit my weapon and I can add extra details on it. Just remember to throw it on the weapon from time to time, to see how it looks.

This is what I got so far.. There are some parts missing, because I did not like how they look and will remodel it :smile:

P.S comments are welcome :smile:

(Electrocactus) #9

ok, I kinda f*cked up in scale department. I made one mistake, looking at chainsaws too much... lol
I re-sized the whole thing today and removed extra handle, because it's a sword dammit :smiley:

I can't stress this enough, ALWAYS, CHECK YOUR WEAPONS SIZE ON CHARACTER. I did not do it and now I had to remodel and resize few things. I will post almost done high poly this week, so stay tuned!

(Chaitanyak) #10

wow lots of updates!
this is shaping up well, yes try and stay true to the original goal.. of the sword style.. , sorry about the distracting post with the fallout 4 weapon, my bad.

anyway your right, in the small size.. having the second handle makes it look like a regular chainsaw. all the details are starting to look cohesive now.. I like the fuel tank cap ..and that filter! nice.

(Electrocactus) #11

No distractions from your part, no worries! :wink:

Thanks! I resized everything and started to piece it together. See what happens...

(Dark Minaz) #12

Not quite sure for what the little screen thing is (to check if you have oil left?)
and the side part on the left (with the cable) looks a bit to bulky somehow. compared to the rest.

Wanted to mention that the handle would be useless since it's a one hand chainsaw, but you figured that out already.

Looking forward to the next update to see how you handled the scaling and how it looks without the handle.

(Electrocactus) #13

About display: you guessed right, fuel lvl

Working on it as we speak! :))

(Electrocactus) #14

Alright, I corrected the scale and now it actually looks like heavy, one handed melee weapon, not chainsaw...
Things that I did, so it looks smaller:
- removed second handle
- scaled up gas tank lid
- scaled up bolts/screws
- corrected pipes/valve

I think, now it looks like the original, but next gen. Still, a lot of work to do on high poly mesh and some parts are missing/ WIP. :))

Bonus Screen +42342343 points :smiley:

Fallout Radio: MAKING OF
(Chaitanyak) #15

good, i like the choices youve made... it works really well in the game view :smile:
perhaps there could be some dents and breakage on the shell.. from milees etc.. liek some of the vent grills can be bashed in a bit..

(Electrocactus) #16

yeah, I will add imperfections, but it will be the last step. :wink:

(Electrocactus) #17

I'm back with some updates. It took me a while, however, I finished my high poly Ripper model.

Updates that I made:
1) Finished handle system
2) Polished few shapes (added polys, remade wire)
3) Finished chain
4) Modeled inside parts (engine)

So yeah, check it out and leave a comment! :smile:

Next on my list: Low poly mesh!

(Electrocactus) #18

BOOM Bonus feature. I added my mesh to sketchfab! :smiley:

Fallout 3: Ripper [High Pol] by Kaspars Pavlovskis on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #19

aw it looked so perfect i thought you would model the inside that it would work :smiley:
Still way more details than most would have done.

Well you got my like and my following, so i can see when the final version is online.

(Electrocactus) #21

hehe, yeah, the inside was a bit tricky. The way I look at it, with ambient occ, the inside will be barely visible, so I needed to add big parts. That said, I always have some unique things in mind and this will not be an exception :wink:


(Chaitanyak) #22

very nice! love the way its shaping up.
the insides over there are pretty neat!