[WIP] Fallout 3 weapon: Ripper remake

(Mstrumfinart) #58

Love the screenshot, fits very nicely into the scene

(Electrocactus) #59

Tnx man! There will be more screens like this, in end version.
I am almost finished with it and soon will post it! :wink:

(Mstrumfinart) #60

No worries ill make sure to keep an eye out for them :wink:

(Stephomi) #61


Actually, it's the normal map. We compresse the textures to reduce the size, but normal maps are usually more sensitive than the other maps, so sometimes it doesn't look good.

If you go in the editor, it will pick your original textures and it will look good again.
Alternatively, you can add an option at the end of the url to force the download of the original textures instead of the compressed ones (?imageCompression=0, e.g with your pump)

Hopefully, someday we'll improve the normal map compression.

(Electrocactus) #62

wow, good info. I did not know, that sketchfab compresses textures, but I had a feeling of it...
Tnx, next time I will know!

(Mstrumfinart) #63

Thanks stephomi appreciate the knowledgeable feedback

(Dark Minaz) #64

just as a little follow up @stephomi Do you still compress it when it is already jpg with 8bit? Since most of my substance generated normal maps seem fine.

(Stephomi) #65

The compression ratio of jpg is variable, so we always compress the textures.
Note that in some case, the compressed textures can be a png in case it is smaller than the compressed jpg.
It can happen with small textures, or textures that only have a few color with no gradient, etc...

(Electrocactus) #66

The time has come, I finished my ripper model. lol
I am packing everything and making awesome in game screenshots.
Here is a sneak peak, of the final thing! :wink:

After I post everything, I will write a short summery, what I did wrong and feedback about substance painter.

(Electrocactus) #67

Boom, it's out! Thanks everyone, for posting feedback and giving comments!

Definetly check out my artstation post, it has tons of cool images and more info!
Art station post: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/o6XN4

Fallout 4 The Ripper by Kaspars Pavlovskis on Sketchfab

Thank You!

(Dark Minaz) #68

took a while but it looks great mate :smile: nice chains and i really love the handle. Good job on the texture there.
one super minor complaint is that your wires wouldn't work, as they are still filled with plastic around, you could set the last end bit to metal ..
screws look super good though :smile:

(Electrocactus) #69

Yeah, I really like the handle too.
Ah, damn, I did not notice that, lol :smiley: Thanks, will try to fix it up a bit, using texture!

(Electrocactus) #70

Short summer, about project:

In future, I will try to make more complex high poly models, because, more details you bake in, easier it is to texture. I had problems in some parts of the model, while texturing, because it had no detail. Also, when baking, I duno if it's only me or what, but I think that Blender+Substance painter combo, flips normal map. I had to invert it, in sketchfab. ALWAYS CHECK THE NORMAL MAP, BEFORE TEXTURING.

About substance painter, jet again, I don't like, how it looks. Every model made in substance, has that substance painter look, that I don't like. I will try to learn Quixel and see how it does.

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #71

Yes and no :wink: the same situation is in many Blender exporters this is fault of the 3D Space in Blender.
In many programs XYZ are represent X-YZ, XZY, or XY-Z, in Blender so when you export using designate exporter (obj flips model in -Z and rotate X) the exporter change the 3D space and this flips all object but do not reset history so you see mesh in proper XYZ space but normals are still in Blender space that's why sometimes like Substance, C4D the normals are flipped because WHOLE MODELS IS FLIPPED :wink:.
- Best way is to keep the blender 3D space in exporters and simply flip object in Blender in proper position reset history "Ctrl+A" and then export without flipping or rotating axis!!!!.

(Electrocactus) #72

yeah, you're right. Will try your tip, next time. Thanks! :wink:
About rotation, I sometimes open fbx file in notepad and make rotation: 0 0 0
I use it, if I import models in Unity, so they are rotated right and preview tab looks correct.

(Electrocactus) #73

@bartv why do I get error, every time, I try to save my scene?

It seems to be linked to annotations. I duno why this is happening...

(Bart) #74

Hmm, could you provide more details please? What are you doing exactly, what's the model URL, and what are your browser/OS?

(Electrocactus) #75

If I update anything and press save, he gives out error on annotations:

Annotation #2 could not be saved.
Annotation #4 could not be saved.
Annotation #1 could not be saved.
Annotation #5 could not be saved.
Annotation #3 could not be saved.
Please contact the support team at support@sketchfab.com.

I tried it on PC, MAC. On google chrome.

(Electrocactus) #76

@bartv I still get the error. How can I save my scene, without it?

(Bart) #77

Oops sorry I missed your update. @james any idea what's happening here?