[WIP] Fallout Power Armour (Update #1)

(Blackhart) #1

WIP #1 of a set of Fallout style Power Armour I’m making as a hard surface topology study. I probably should have uploaded a version even before this to have more WIP updates, but I think I’m going to put out an update every day or two now. I’m working on this in spare time, so each update might not be super massive, but I’m pretty happy working on this, I’ve managed to get some results I’m even surprised at myself for, I think it’s turning out rather nicely.

The underlying human model is just a template out of MakeHuman I’m using for reference. All of the armour plates on top of this base mesh were created by hand in Blender.

I’m modelling at fairly low-poly, the actual armour is less than 1k polygons so far, but then I’m using the Subdivision Surface modifier set to 3 in order to pull in that nice smooth hard surface detail.

I've been working on trying to improve my topology flow, and good topology. I'm looking for ways to make smooth loops, and good seamless combinations of shapes where I can. Working off of some of the great topology examples found here: http://topology-guides.tumblr.com/
As well as this really enlightening and inspiring hard surface course on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/10941211

WIP #1:

[WIP] Fallout Power Armour (Update #1) by Blackhart on Sketchfab