[WIP] Fantasy Axe

(Capodraven) #1

Hi everyone!

I'm starting this new topic about this little Axe I'm creating to add Something to my portfolio.
So this is where I am. the sculpt is almost done. still some détails to arrange and add some more. let me know any of your comment :wink:

Next phases will be:
- Baking high to lowpoly (it means retopology and projections)
- textures painting (wih substance painter or directly in photoshop, I will see)
Add some scenery elements to improve the presentation in real time on sketchfab! ^^

Thanks guys

C u


(Dark Minaz) #2

looks a bit to unrefined for me, maybe try to make the edges a bit stronger, this way it looks like a playdoo thing.
especially around the metal, the wood is fine like that and the wraps around it feel stylised so i quite like it, but metal part could use some love in my opinion.

i like the general look of it though especially the skull skull detail is kinda cute :stuck_out_tongue:

(Capodraven) #3

yeah that's what I was thinking. you and my gf sayed the same thing ^^ tomorow I'll add more sharpness and deepness in the détails. maybe refine the wideness of the blade :wink: thank's anyway for your answer :wink: stay tune!

(Capodraven) #4

Hi everybody! There's the final sculpt of this little axe. Now I'm finishing the retopology to lowpoly.

(Capodraven) #5

Substance painter is a magical potion!!!
Normal map baked
AO baked
Displace baked!!

Let's paint it now!

(Capodraven) #6

Fantasy Axe by capodraven on Sketchfab

That's allmost done for me. any suggestions? what do you think?

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #7

Wood looks like wood, fabric looks like fabric and whats is the material reference for the axe??
This part looks very weak, its not a stone, no a steel simply lack of structure/texture to it.

(Capodraven) #8

This is somthing like "enchanted Stones", but I wanted to make it looking more like a non finished concrete piece, with dirt and marks made by the time and the use of this weapon

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #9

Ok but now it looks like nothing definitely not a stone even enchanted :wink:
example - http://orig09.deviantart.net/8b78/f/2012/307/4/5/small_battle_axe_by_johnmcflurry-d5jtiyd.jpg
cartoon, wood, cartoon leather, cartoon stone everything is ok.
In yous model I can see real looking wood, fabric so I expect real looking stone, let it glow, be enchanted but keep up the style.

(Simon Kratz) #10

The stone really is a bit hard to tell at the moment. Imo the high poly model is a bit too "soft" to represent a stoney object.
If you're using ZBrush maybe you could emphasize the hard edges using the TrimAdaptive brush (and its siblings :wink: ).
For game art you may generally want to try to do surface details a bit more exaggerated compared to reality to make the overall structure of the object more readable. This has to do with the limitations of realtime shaders and lighting models. If you enhance differences of your models surface you'll get a more defined shading which will help people tell what kind of material you're going for.
Apart from that really nice progress and hope to see more from you :smile: