WIP Fender Rumble 15

Check my WIP > comment and correct :slight_smile:

Looking very nice! I especially like the front grill.

Two things that I am seeing:

  1. Overall the amp seems quite clean, expect for the back plate; that looks like it has smudges on it. Might be good to go either all clean or wear and tear on the rest of the model.
  2. Part of the weaving pattern on the sides feels really grid-like. (I think it’s mostly the pattern on your roughness channel.) It looks like the weaving shape on the amp is more diamond than square. I’d personally try to get that diamond info in the normal map so it will catch the light nicely.

Overall, well done! Very impressive work. :slight_smile:

thanks for feedback cwasden

now can anyone help me out with figuring out the pricing for this model?

Yup, I think that looks better!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to help on pricing, since I have no experience myself… :grimacing: Best of luck!