[WIP] Halloween Scene! Pt2

Been working on a fun halloween scene. Not for any challenge or anything. A fun side project. I would like any critiques and feedback you guys may have for this! Please and thank you! :smiley:Halloween3|690x388


Here is a better lit version of this scene.

Hey there :wave:. Are you using any reference for this scene?
I would recommend finding few images of concept art and add more things to it.

Currently it looks a bit empty and too dark.
You could use some of the ideas from this image for example:

I’m still trying to figure out my lighting issue to make sure people can see. I should probably for not turn off Arnold render and lights. The link you sent didn’t keep whatever image you were giving as an example but, stayed on the search page.
I am using references for this project as well. Here are just a few.

Hmm. Strange, the link works on my phone. No problem.

Its just few more things around such as: bats, moon or cat and some foliage.
The dark areas are usually dark blue, so maybe add some lights to fill the scene with blue. And a bit white back light to hilight the silhouette of objects. The lights in the pumpkins could be a focal point of bright orange, buts it is really your choice. No one can see your vision of the scene better than you.

I really love the idea you have going on there :+1: I cant wait to see the final result! :slight_smile:

As for Arnold, yes. Turn it on unless you have anything better. And maybe research a way to add volumetric lighting. It will add to the dark scene effect.

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Thank you for your time and feedback! I will make the time I can to keep working on this. I plan to get this done before the end of the month. I have recently starting classes in 3D modeling. So, I will make time when I can!