WIP: Haunt The Skies

(Lord00120) #1

So with only a few days left I'll attempt to join the festivities. Had this neat little idea, and I wanna see if you can recognise this Haunted House (Do you guys think there could be copyright issues here?).

(Lord00120) #2

Allright Day 1:
Blocked out the house itself:

Then I added details like windows and some wooden staircases and such.

(It's gonna get recognizable soon! :smile: )
Then I added balloons using Scatter objects and transparent materials:

Figured out the composition and added strings to balloons:

And then finally, I quick UV'ed the house in blender and roughly painted a texture map in zBrush + added quick lights... More on that tommorow! :smiley:

(Marcin Cecot) #3

Haunted house from Up? Nice idea :smiley: Waiting for more.

(Lord00120) #4

Day 2: Nearly done with Colour and Normals on main building, moving on to the wooden framework, windows and doors

(Lord00120) #5

(Lord00120) #6

Day 2 part 2:
Whew, finally done with sculpting and diffuse colour!

Beginning to extract maps, here's the AO one:

Also doodled some ideas over an old picture:

(Lord00120) #7

Day 3: The Must-have pumpkin!

Also made the house more spooky in general, still missing some small details though!

Tommorow I'll add some dripping candles on the handrail, a sign with "Free Candy" and then work on uploading to sketchfab!

(Lord00120) #8

Allright nearly completely done with my entry, just missing that "terrible" secret somewhere... Will see if I can put it in tommorow, otherwise this is the final version.

Haunt The Skies WIP by Jakob Baldwin on Sketchfab

(Dark Minaz) #9

to many free balloons :stuck_out_tongue: but i like the idea of the "up" house.
I just wonder how i can get that free candy ... damn superman is going to steal all of it again :frowning:

(Lord00120) #10

Day 4: (uploaded the day after, because of read only mode)
I am done with my model, here is the final version: https://sketchfab.com/models/3defb4c022d54be9b76e1c2ce163fef6
On this last day I pondered about what to add inside the house:
First idea was a ghost sculpted in zBrush, but would have taken too much time
Second idea was to have a recurring character from my last halloween model; Mr Pumpkinsuit

(Lord00120) #11

But we can't use assets made before this contest :confused: So I added a little greeting instead!

(Bart) #12

The winners are in! Check them out and leave a comment on the blog post :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #13

Congratulations, the inspiration from up was a great idea :smile: