WIP Hotel / motel rooms for my portfolio


(Jason Ivens) #1

Hi everyone,

I made a start on this project a while ago, but needed to put in on hold with the arrival of my second child :slight_smile:

Here is the work I have done so far:

I hope you like them and feedback is always welcome.

I also wanted to say that I should be getting more regular updates on my progress now so stay tuned for them :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #2

Interesting project @jason_ivens. The sheet around base is a bit high poly for the rest of the scene. I think you could use a lot less and still keep the detailed wave shapes. :wink:

What's the end result going to look like? A series of motel rooms with different layouts? Are you planning to realistically texture it or go with a more stylised look? :slight_smile:

(Jason Ivens) #3

Thanks @nomadking, your right the valance's poly count is way too high for everything else I have made, I will have to try to create it another way.
I will be making a full motel with about 12 rooms all slightly different. Or a motel with more rooms but less verity between them.
I haven't decided on the style yet, but I have always wanted to try cell shading although I'm not sure how to lol :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #4

Another update, just a small one this time.

(Jason Ivens) #5

Nothing interesting to show today but I have just gone over all my models and done their UV mapping so if I get time tomorrow I will start texturing them :slight_smile:
Also if anyone knows some helpful tutorials on how to do cell-shading I'd love to see them :smile:


Just to clarify, is it all going to just be apart of one diorama in the end?

Love these kind of cut-away room pieces, interested in seeing where this goes!

(Jason Ivens) #7

Good question @c0re, yes I am going to be making a diorama for Sketchfab but I'm considering using these assets in a game or putting them up on the Unreal and Unity marketplaces.

(Jason Ivens) #8

I have started texturing and I think I have found the style I want to use but I would love your feedback :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #9

I like the clean and simple style, but I'd make the lines more solid, they seems a bit broken right now. You may have been shooting for a rough and painted look, but I think it just comes off a bit messy (especially looking at the end of the towels).

But just my opinion :slight_smile:

(Jason Ivens) #10

That's great feedback thanks :smile:
Yeah I was trying to get that clean, simple hand painted look. But I think your right it does look messy at the moment, I'll try it a little differently tomorrow.

(Jason Ivens) #11

New texture update :slight_smile:

(Jason Ivens) #12

Here is some progress on the room as a whole :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #13

The solid lines look much nicer. Good job :slight_smile:

(Jason Ivens) #14

Here is my final model for the hotel room, I feel as though I have spent enough time on it and I feel like I need to move onto the next project.