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[WIP] likeness study and learning Zbrush - Jon Snow


(Hqeldiablo) #1

my 1st post here :slight_smile:

here's my WIP in the last a week, learning Zbrush while sharpening my skill in likeness.
i created the head using dynamesh, and moved to 3ds max to refine the topology and sent it back to zbrush.

the base mesh for the rest of the body and costume in 3ds max, and sent it to zbrush for detailing.

I really hope that I can learn something new from you guys, so constructive feedback is much appreciated :slight_smile:

(Dark Minaz) #2

10/10 would stab :stuck_out_tongue:
oh constructive feedback, the hair could use a bit more work feels a bit flat
His eyebrows are a bit less strong on the inside and he looks slightly older somehow but for the most part it's great. really like the clothes though, with a few nice dirt textures that will look great in sketchfab.

personally i did like pre stabbing john more with his massive amounts of hair

if you really go for the full likeness mode fix the scar on the left a bit by making it slightly stronger.

But it's all really just nitpicking, i think you did a really good job for the most part :slight_smile:

(Hqeldiablo) #3

hello @dark_minaz,
the hair is not done yet, I am still looking for tricks and tips to scuplt hair in zbrush,(i am pretty new in zbrush, I used mudbox mostly) so, yeah, I am gonna tweak the hair :wink:
I guess I agree on eyebrows areas, gonna work on it and the scar too.

thanks again for the feedback, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

(theStoff) #4

Looks really good! Could you maybe post a side view? I agree that the hair looks odd and I feel that might have to do with the shape of the skull from the side.

(Hqeldiablo) #5

thank you, I uploaded the WIP, tweaking some areas, including the hair
sure, here's the side view :slight_smile:

(Hqeldiablo) #6

small update,.. been busy lately :slight_smile:

(Hqeldiablo) #7

here's the update :slight_smile:

(Johnson Martin) #8

Wow, that's looking great. Although there seems to be something weird with his forehead, his eyebrows seem to kind of bulge out a strange amount. Otherwise it's looking great.

(Hqeldiablo) #9

thanks!! :slight_smile:

(Hqeldiablo) #10

probably this is the final version,
higher resolution images and online 3d viewer :
created in 3ds max, zbrush, substance painter and rendered realtime in marmoset toolbag 3. 26k tris in total