[WIP] Magic Defence Tower

(Doop) #1

Hi, im going to present my entry to this contest, as the title says, this scene is about a defence tower, with a "living" sorrounding, the first stage was a little too ambitious, so i had to scale it down for poligons and performance purposes, but i think now i will be able to place all the things i have planned.
Any critic is helpful for me since its the first time i make a scene for real time rendering on mobiles, the current poli count is 16.561.
Good luck to all, and most important, HAVE FUN!

(Doop) #2

Some assets i will upload later on, when i consider they are already finished.

(Doop) #3

-Made some changes on the tower, this wont be the final model.

(Doop) #4

@bartv Hi Bart, i would like to ask if the style of my scene does correspond to the examples, since i feel its too cartoonish, what do you think about it? You can see another example in the first image uploaded, the houses on the left. Thanks in advance.

(Lorem Ipsum) #5

I love it!

(Bart) #6

Looking good to me so far :+1: