WIP - Magician's Guild (finished)

(Anthony Dongallo) #1

Hey guys! It is my first time posting on the forum.

I did a blockout of the major pieces for my entry for the contest. I was trying to go for a small scene so I can focus more on small detail, but I always end up doing a large scene. Maybe because I was watching level design for video games before doing this.

Anyways, I am going to continue this "large" (this is large for me) scene haha! I'm looking forward creating and learning new stuffs with this scene since I'm going to create it with modularity in mind. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

I assigned random colors, to see the shapes properly. My next step is, I'm going to properly start creating the modular pieces. I'll do the textures and uv's last.

(Anthony Dongallo) #2

I just want to update this, since I think I will make a smaller scene so I can focus more on modeling, and therefore be able to contribute higher quality assets for the community, instead of doing a large scene which will eat up much of the time doing the layout.

It was my first time modeling a modular asset, it is super fun seeing the result when you try duplicate it. I've had trouble when I was on the early stage of modeling this since I was not used on using the grid for modeling. I thought modeling a modular asset is very tedious, turns out I was working the wrong way haha! :smile: I liked modeling modular assets, I will probably add this in my workflow.

Any tips and feedback about creating modular assets is super welcome! :smiley:

(Anthony Dongallo) #3

My update

I'm aiming for a scene with characters interacting with each other. The assets I used here are all modular, It's eating some tris already, so I will definitely optimize more while adding characters.

(Bart) #4

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Anthony Dongallo) #5

Sorry for the lack of updates, I was iterating most of the time. I didn't have many chances to post a solid update that I know that will be in the final scene . Anyways, I finally finished it which is something very different from my original blockout! :joy:

Magician's Guild by Anthony Dongallo on Sketchfab

It is my first time creating a collection, I hope I did it right.

I obviously have many things to improve on. C&C are very welcome. Your words are greatly appreciated.