[WIP] Medieval Fantasy Book

(Stefan Lengyel) #1

Hello guys!

Today just started and i'm very excited :smile:. My theme will be something like windmill, watermill village.
Just started and created a windmill for now. I will you ask for suggestion if the style is correct.
And i have one question and can't find it anywhere. I need to do for all objects UV mapping and all objects need to have separate UV islands to later in engine be able to do lightning or occlusion mapping?

Thank you for such great competition.
Greetings from Slovakia.

(Stefan Lengyel) #2

Just testing some houses to get the fell.

The same house just reoriented peaces.

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(Stefan Lengyel) #5

Please help,

before i upload some assets i need to know if i need to UV unwrap it like all obj have separate islands or some can share same islands?

and if i'm out of topic ?

(Lorem Ipsum) #6

I suggest you to ask that in the FAQs section, also great work!

(Bart) #7

I've answered your question in the contest FAQ. I can't advise you on running out of inspiration - that's YOUR challenge :slight_smile:

I’ve also just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Stefan Lengyel) #8

Thank you, appreciate it :slight_smile:

(Feyfolken Km) #9

EastEuropa style? Looks fine!

(Etzian) #11

It is so beautiful.. :smiley:

(Stefan Lengyel) #12

Thank you Etzian.

(Jamey98) #13

Looking good!

(Stefan Lengyel) #14

im lost have no ideas i just done that thing i'm confused heeeelp, no time.... :confused:

(Lorem Ipsum) #15

The assets are looking great, are you trying to put it all together now?
I do it other way around, first block out the big shape, then check what small pieces I need and where, and model them, maybe try that - assemble the big shape of your scene and then ideas start to roll, .. castle gate? trees? I'm not sure what you've had in mind.. Still a lot of time

(Stefan Lengyel) #16

Lorem.ipsum thank you for advice. Appreciate it.

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(Stefan Lengyel) #18

New tower top and flags

(Stefan Lengyel) #19

(Zorg741) #20

I really like the castle models!:+1:

(Stefan Lengyel) #21

I'm just messin around :slight_smile: