[WIP] Medieval Fantasy Contest - Edward

(Edward Grantham) #1

I am taking part of this contest. I am currently researching and designing ideas for my asset and scene.
I will be updating this Topic with my ideas as well as model progression and scene building.

- Edward

(Edward Grantham) #2

I am working on designing my asset ideas based upon the scenes they will be posted in.
My first initial idea is a Dragon's cave.
This cave will feature a Dragon model sleeping on top of a pile of Gold. I do plan on animating the dragon and possibly including a snoring sound effect.
As well as this, I plan to create models of the gold pieces, as well as include optional treasures such as gems as will as treasure chests.
I am also considering adding skeletons of knights who have fallen trying to slay the beast, with sword and shield models nearby them, and possibly sheep skeletons as well.
For the scenes lighting, I am considering of adding a fire in the scene.