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[WIP] Medieval Fantasy Contest - King's family

(Tuturu) #1

I will create King's family: King, Queen, Princess, Prince (maybe). And some maid and guardsman.
I did exemplary King sketch.
I will start posting WIPs soon.

(Tuturu) #2

I almost done modeling of King. So I have a question. Whether such quantity of polygons approaches? Now it have 358 rectangles and about 716 triangles. And it will be a bit more, when I done fingers. I remember about 2k polygons for individual assets, but as I understand it applies to large, detailed assets (for example, at home). So, is it should be mo low poly, or not.
Also I hope it fit necessary visual style ^-^

(Tuturu) #3

I done mesh. Now it have 452 rectangles and about 904 triangles.

(Tuturu) #4

Eee! I finally done my King!

(Bart) #5

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Tuturu) #6

I did some sketch of Queen and Princess.

(Impdragon) #7

Your concepts are super cute! :slight_smile: I love the style.

(Tuturu) #8

Thank you! :blush:

(Tuturu) #9

Queen is ready! Eee!

(Bart) #10

This looks fantastic!

(Tuturu) #11

Thanks! :blush:

(Tuturu) #12

And Princess is ready to!

(Lorem Ipsum) #13

Alright! She is Beautiful!

(Tuturu) #14

Thank you :smile:

(Plasmaernst) #15

Wowie, they look super cool!
To me, it looks like the Family is wearing sunglasses - probably because of the shape + size of the eyes.
Good luck :slight_smile:

(Tuturu) #16

Thank you! :blush:
Haha, yes, from the outside it really looks like they're wearing sunglasses :laughing:

(Tuturu) #17

A little update: I changed characters poses. And I have a question, what is better: reupload model or remain T-pose model, or better if I upload both versions? In the beginning I was going to make an animation, but now I realaze that I do not have time for this. And I think for Mozilla maybe wil be better have both of version.

(Lorem Ipsum) #18

They are fantastic Tuturu!
I know you ask the hosts, but personally I don't think Mozilla users will need t-poses :slight_smile:

(Tuturu) #19

Thank you! :blush:

(Rusya Rusya) #20

please, how to make the grid model consist of quadrangles? my model is automatically divided into triangles and it looks ugly