[WIP] Medieval Fantasy Contest - Michael

(dllxtt) #1

Wanna give it a try. Didn't chose proper name for the thread yet^^

Contest - Gothic Style Fantasy
(dllxtt) #2

Gathered references, converted everything into swatches to have a good colour palette inspiration and get the overall idea of colour values used in the reference scenes.Still have no idea what I'm gonna do here =)

Contest Updates
(Bart) #3

Hey Michael,

those palettes are fantastic! Would you mind if I shared those on our FAQ page?

What's the difference between the two versions by the way?

(dllxtt) #4

Thanks, of course feel free to use them as you need, I'll be happy if they will help others to fit tech needs.

They were created in different ways. General colors are almost the same, but the transitions on the first are smoother between colors, this way I've got also some Value range between colors. To get smooth transition, I used Gaussian Blur and used new Filter on top again.

(dllxtt) #5

Finally I generated new idea, but this will be real challenge cause I never did somthing with this style before. Testing some pipelines and sketchfab scene setup to upload assets.

(dllxtt) #6

Another test and tried different way of creation + Animation.

(Dracut) #7

Good inspiration and reference here! This will definitely help. Thanks!