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[WIP] Medieval Fantasy Contest


(Aboulicious) #1

Atm I don't know, what exactly it will be. I will have to gather some inspiration! :slight_smile:

(Aboulicious) #2

First top down Concept and a rudimentery asset list!

(Aboulicious) #3

Main reference!

It looks to modern. It will be a challange to get the stuff looking old! :smiley:

(Aboulicious) #4

Rough concept in 3D how it could look like:

Modular System:

(Aboulicious) #5

Modular System combined:

(Aboulicious) #6

Now with some ground. I've exportet it into UE4 for some eye candy. :smiley:

The color isn't final.

(Don To) #7

Wow I really like your work but this is not Medieval I guess, it's more like Eastern things, something like Chinatown or Japanese town stuff and the requirement of this contest is low poly mate.

(Aboulicious) #8

Hey @DonTo ! :slight_smile:
My first question ind the FAQ was, if we have to do european medieval or if asian, afrikan or other medieval settings are allowed. It is! :slight_smile:

Yeah atm it's more then a 3D concept, and I know I have to optimize the assets more for better performance. This little scene got ~ 8k tris and this is too much. But first, I will do the assets and then I will take a look on which I can optimize more. Seems legid? :smiley:

(Don To) #9

Chill mate! I like your work honestly. :relaxed:

(Bart) #10

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Aboulicious) #11

This is how it looks atm in UE.

Here is a test upload to sketchfab.


I love your take on this! Maybe changing the color scheme may antique it a bit?

(Aboulicious) #13

Hey @seori,

thank you for compliment? What exactly you mean by "more antique"? Can you define that a bit more? :slight_smile:


Right now, I think the lighting and the color scheme are making it look a lot more "modern" than it is, like this is another good low poly work.

When I look at pictures of medieval asia, a lot of the images use sepia tones and have a flat look to them. I know it's a 2D rendition, but that could help move it along to age your models. Just my suggestion!

(Aboulicious) #15

Thank you for dissent. I will definitely take a look! :slight_smile:

(Aboulicious) #16

Reupload Sketchfab Test:

(Aboulicious) #17

This scene has got around about 75k tris and this is way too much. I will have to create some cheaper models. But I'm quite satisfied with the scene composition. But I'm glad for any feedback.
The colors will be adjusted. :slight_smile: