[WIP] Medieval Fantasy - Swamp Village

(Khea) #1

Hi guys!

Really exited about this challenge! I can't wait to see the work of everyone.
I'd like to do a specific kind of village, maybe a swamp village, not sure yet. I hesitate veeery much for I'd like to do a prison thing as well. Or a dragon's lair... Super hard to choose, I'll settle on this in a few days : )

Have a nice day!

(Khea) #2

So, I settled for the swamp village (yay!) aaand I will include a kind of wyvern's lair in the package (like a mini cavern) :slight_smile:

I doodled as a guideline some things I'd like to include in my swamps, from references and imagination :

So you can see little houses, wood structures, boats, creatures, rocks and vegetation with twisted-roots-trees (and a mini wyvern in the middle).. I'm not sure all of these can fit in 50k, but I will try! The reference style is really low poly, so it could work out.

As you can see on the little scene doodle, I'd like to go with three 'zones' : - a village / - a loner house (maybe shaman's place or something) / - the monster's cavern.

Here's my early starting point :

(Roguenoodle) #3

Really great start! LOVE the concept sketches :slight_smile:

(Khea) #4

Thanks ! The ballpen is definitely a great invention haha :b

(Khea) #5

So these days I've been trying out some objects and vegetation, and assembled a tiny scene with some of them:

Now I'll have some time this week to work on this project, so I will try to figure out what I need to make this environment as 'blocs', and work on the visual style, of course ! Next I will work on the huts because I really want the village to be the principal part of the set.

Also, I wonder if creators in A-Frame have access to water floors, or if I need to make some sort of swamp tile for them to work with ?! I visited the website but can't figure this out. I'll probably ask in the FAQ topic eventually.

(Bart) #6

Looking fantastic so far! I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Khea) #7

Thank you @bartv! Form filled, can't wait to receive it :smiley:

(Khea) #8

Little update:

I'm doing so much back and forth on things that I have the feeling I just don't really progress overall. It seems working directly in Maya without drawing the precise idea I have in mind doesn't work for me, and just make me lose time. (I learned something about myself here, so I'm not mad about this time loss!)

Anyway, I will try to be more organized now :grimacing: I prepared a list of stuff to do, and I will first post a sketch, then make the models as I sketch them.

So let's start: next time, the huts/shacks:

(Khea) #9

UPDATE : Huts & rocks

The 3huts :

Since I decided to put aside the wyvern's den, I thought it would be cool to suggest the monster nearby with carvings and paintings from the villagers. I focused on a reptilian eye for my carvings, and triangles for simple polygonal patterns.
The carved rocks, sketches :

base models :

carvings overpaint :

Hope I can find the time to wrap up something before the deadline!
Happy Halloween y'all :slight_smile:

(Roguenoodle) #10

Everything is looking so good - can't wait to see the finished product :slight_smile:

(Khea) #11

Thank you @roguenoodle! :smiley: It's SO late, not sure I can finish everything I wanted haha