[WIP] Medieval Farm and Market


(Violaine) #1

Hi everyone !
First ever participation in a sketchfab contest, I'm excited :smiley:
I will be doing some props for a medieval farm and market, hopefully this will turn into an interesting scene.
I will post some WIP picture asap :wink:

(Violaine) #2

Today's work :
- Hen and her chick,
- Donkey

  • Oignons (normal and sprouted)
  • Garlic (normal and braid)
  • Cabbage
  • Carrot (normal and crooked)
  • Bread loaf

  • Wagon

  • filled with crates, bucket and linen bag

Nothing is textured and animated yet, will continue tomorow with I think one human character (a farmer/trader), then I will try to put everything in a first scene :slight_smile:

(Violaine) #3

Finally !
Done unwrapping and texturing the food and animal models done so far. Here is the first result.

(Violaine) #4

And here is the rest, wagon and saddle and crates and more :slight_smile:

Currently working on more farming tool like scythe, rake, etc ...
For the moment, the color is given by two 512*512 texture, but I think I can make all of this fit into one.

Also, just notice the colors need a bit of adjustment, the wood is a bit pale and the donkey a tad too dark. Will fix that tomorow!

(Violaine) #5

I corrected the lighting of my render (which was too strong), and adjusted a bit the colors :smiley: ...

(Violaine) #6

I had some time to work on this contest today, yay! :smiley:
Here is my late night work : some medieval farming tools!
Which include : spade, fork scissors, rake, weed remover, scythe, hatchet, sickle, and a plow.
Total : 732 tris

(Bart) #7

I’ve just sent you instructions on how to claim your free Medieval Fantasy Cardboard viewer. Check your private messages here on the forum. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

(Violaine) #8

Today's work is ... a farmer house and a well with a pulley system!
Here is what it looks like :slight_smile:
Polys : 1,194
Tris : 2,338

(Violaine) #9

Today's work : a hay storage shed and a horse shed with a trough, and also first three parts of a modular stone wall set (2x straight walls + 1x wall end) :slight_smile:

(Violaine) #10

Today's looong hours of work got me these :smiley: :
• Hay storage flat ladder
• Chicken coop with two openings (front for the chicken and side to get the eggs) + chicken ladder
• Three rocks as a set
• Modified and upgraded my stone walls set
• A large wooden gate (3m long) with a 'lock' system to stay closed
• Upgraded hay storage shed and horse shed (more wooden pillar, still need more windows)
• Slightly reworked the farmer house (proportions + slightly worned out wood)
• aaaaand I think that's all for today :smile:

Next will be hay stacks, some loose pavement maybe, wooden fence, some trees and vegetation. Then, unwrap and colors! Tomorow will be a busy day ...

(Violaine) #11

Ok so today I had a tad less time to work on this contest, however I managed to get my scene a bit more "green" with two trees, an oak tree and an apple tree, and three large "medieval" haystack :slight_smile:
Here they are :

(Violaine) #12

We are near the end of this contest, and I can already say it was quite a fun experience.
For the last two days, I didn't take a lot of time to work on this but I will need work more as the deadline approaches and I need to finish and pack everything...
So here is my last bit of work :
• Hay field pack, including a Hay field block of 2 by 2 meters, and a pack of 4 "ends" to put by the side of the block when it does not tile to another one;
• Quick patches of loose hay/grass
• Hay piles (not shown here)
• A scarecrow
• A modular wooden fence pack (4x)
• A pear tree

(Violaine) #13

This is a quick overview of my scene, you can see it needs a bit of work... quite a bit actually.
I'm still not sure about the trees, as they look too different from the rest, too smoothed out and not enough poly maybe? But I don't feel the need to add polygons ... I will surely do though, they look too strange when within the whole scene.

(Stefan Lengyel) #14

Love your style. Good luck!

(Violaine) #15

Thanks a lot :smile:
First time I do such loooow poly stuff... Your comment is very much appreciated :smiley: