[WIP]Medieval House


(Nedelir) #1

Hi there.

Personnal project :
Modeling and texturing a medieval house:

Project to create a small scene with a medieval-type house and its small forge and miscellaneous accessories (cart, walland accessories for the forge, well). reference:

reference image using various taken on site, such as Pinterest.

reference image for modeling:

Rendered :

Soft : Blender and Cycles Render.

Just a quick question, how to enable lightbox for images on the forum?

Thank you for your critics and for having taken the time to view my project!
And sorry for the English a bit poor ..

(Dark Minaz) #2

Starting to look good, the stone got some nice detailing.
Might start giving the roof a bit more details, like the shingles in the first few pictures.

What is your plan for the walls of the building? stone pieces like the first or solid blocks like in the fable picture?
Not quite sure what you mean by lightbox, is that something blender specific?

But you are off to a good start, got some nice little features like the little wheel and the stairs.
If you keep putting that many details and work in, it will turn out great in the end.

(Nedelir) #3

Thanks for your return ! It's been very nice.

For the roof, the idea is not to make small plates like the raw images, but longer boards, like on rendering images.

For the buildings I am not yet decided, I think I'll do it in wooden board, it will not be modeled and can be made only in texture I think. It is sobering.

For the Lightbox, sorry, I just see that it was already good .. I was talking made click on the image in my post and to get bigger the picture .. But it's good!

(Dark Minaz) #4

Alright, if your plan is like that, you might want to make them a bit wider. If you search for old wooden houses you will mostly see big wide pieces. So y*1.7 something around that. The rest of the look will probably come from textures.

Currently i am on the same kinda work idea, i quite like solid rocks for my walls, although making yours in full wood might make it look rather good since you use stones for the stairs and probably for the furnace.

Well looking forward to your next update.

(Bart) #5

The forum sometimes needs a few seconds to process your image after posting it. It should automatically update after that.

(Bart) #6

I like where this is going and I love the reference images. The renders are a bit too dark for me to really comment on though - I think it's more useful to not actually render anything at this early stage and post the 'naked' geometry.

And - of course you can embed your models here. Just paste the model URL into your message. That's all :smile:

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #7

For now only one BIG problem , the fantasy buildings are light, curved , even stone structures looks softly.
Take the Fable reference the roof is curved, every wooden beam is curved, door- windows curved, etc .
Really if you look at this reference is really hard to see straight line !!.
One look at yours render and I see ONLY straight lines so this is NO FANTASY :wink:.