[WIP] Medival Fantasy Contest -The Devil's Workshop

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[WIP] Medival Fantasy Contest - Under Fire


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Dragon WIP model

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Dragon WIP model update: color testing
which one you guys like the most?






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Dragon Update:
I am sticking with this color scheme for now until I finish my scene; will probably change it to match the mood and will still rig to pose but for now this is my dragon model ^^

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Dragon Update:
Finished rigging my model, testing some poses
Still gonna study how to make a good low poly fire similar to the reference
will study the lighting in Blender and Cycles Render xD

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I am little reluctant to do a snow themed medieval scene since the assets will be compiled and used along with everyone else's and the biomes won't match. Is it better to stick to a neutral biome?

Additional questions
If were to submit two entries are we allowed to mix the assets in the entries??

Regarding transparency
What are it's limits in VR, I am planning to do snow particles/ fireflies/ falling leaves or flowers which uses a lot of transparency but they have relatively small polygons so would they still be able to block the users?? Can the user only traverse on the ground, if so at what height can we set transparent objects

are the Principled BSDF shader nodes in blender effectively the same as PBR

Sorry if I have too many questions, fairly new to this and I only know the basics and not a lot of the technical aspects

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Still haven't got the hang out of Blenders lights still testing the scene but I am kind of satisfied at were this scene is going. A few more assets and I might begin with another entry.

Wish me luck!!! :smile:

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I've answered your first two questions in the contest FAQhttps://forum.sketchfab.com/t/medieval-fantasy-faq/16174/.

Better be careful with using lots of transparent planes like that as they will hurt mobile performance. If they're 'in the way' during navigation they could complicate teleportation yes. And you can navigate to any viewable surface - not only on the ground.

Yes - Sketchfab does not support this node.

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Regarding Principled shader, I am very new to sketchfab so I have not uploaded anything here, I was wondering if you could tell me what does Sketchfab support, how does it read the textures?

(Bart) #11

Here's more information about our PBR support. Basically you'll have to upload the right texture maps and set them up in the 3D editor.

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I see thanks for pointing me in the right direction
Another thing (sorry for to much questions I just really want to make sure) should special effects be uploaded as different assets???

(Bart) #13

Depends on how they're used. If they're really part of the asset (like a fountain spraying water, or fire/smoke for a torch), I'd keep them together.

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@bartv regerding the uploading the assets part

I've been working on different variations of assets like wall, windows, roofs stuff like that. There's a chance that not all the assets I am making would make it to the scene; my question is are we still allowed to upload those assets or only those that are in the scene are allowed?

(Bart) #15

It's fine to upload more!

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Noted, Thanks :smiley:

Sorry I have more questions, this one would probably stupid to ask but might as well to be sure
there's no restriction to interior stuff right? I've been noticing most entries are concentrated to outdoor stuff so its making me kind of unsure doing interior stuff.

Plus does Sketchfab support multiple UV's for lightmapping??

(Bart) #17

No worries :slight_smile:

Interior scenes are fine - you'll notice some people are doing bars for example.

You can only use one lightmap.

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Oh cool thanks :smiley:

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I have a concept of erecting a big half circle magic barrier around a house that I am making, of course the users won't be able to teleport behind that barrier but I plan to place a very noticeable underground passage somewhere in my scene so they can traverse behind the barrier. Would that be allowed to do, if it is, is it advisable to put game like contents in the scene or should I leave the game parts to mozilla?

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(Bart) #21

I think that's a cool setup, go for it :slight_smile: