[WIP] Mothman - Low Poly Character

(Gmiezis) #1

Since the 2017 is going to be a sequel to the year 2016, i think it is high time to make a 3d lowpoly model of a Mothman, the messenger of calamity. This is probably on of my favourite urban legends, I've always found it intensly frightening to be chosen by him. So why not create your own worst fear?

Here's a sketch:

(Gmiezis) #2

Testing out the silhouette!

(Gmiezis) #3

Here's an update. Got a bit uncomfortable staring at him. So I guess this is enough sculpting for the day.

(Yannick Deharo) #4

I really love the head !! Keep going I will follow it ! :slight_smile:


You've definitely nailed the uncomfortable factor. Love how you captured the soulless eyes.

(Gmiezis) #6

YannickDeharo: thank you so much for your support!

Seori: Hehe! :smiley: Your words make me happy.

continuing with the visual development of this guy. I felt like he was becoming a rather generic zombie type, so i decided to give him a sense dignity.

(Electrocactus) #7

Really nice work Gun! :))
I will follow this thread and provide You with commentary.

My first one: the face looks like hannibal lecter, with mask :smiley: Thats good!